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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy New Year!

Seasons Greetings! I hope you are enjoying this festive season of holidays. I am spending some quiet time planning for 2009. For years, I have been quilling for my customers; this year I would like to try working on some projects just for the fun of it. I sell so many wonderful papers and hardly have the time to experiment with them myself. I have been spending some time visiting other quillers’ sites and blogs and am just amazed at all of the neat things I am finding. It is hard for me to even remember how isolated I felt as a new quiller in the 1970’s. Through the internet I have been able to reach out to quillers all over the world. Each of them has their own distinctive style; viewing them is truly inspirational and challenges me to start rethinking my own work. There are so many ideas out there that would never have occurred to me had I not been able to see them on my computer monitor. I have been pleasantly surprised to find a lot of moms who are home schooling their children and discovering quilling and sharing it with their children. This is surprising to me, since many elementary art school teachers are not familiar with quilling at all. These moms are researching new ways to keep their kids inspired and finding quilling. What a great way to keep little fingers busy! This also means there will be a new generation of quillers to “carry the torch” and hopefully pass it on to their children. But to get back to my plans for the new year. I will be reaching out to some of these quillers and asking their permission to feature them (and their work) on my blog. I am really excited about this, it will be a fun project, a way to meet some new quilling friends and perhaps inspire me, and maybe even you, to try some new projects. I wish you a Happy, Healthy, New Year!