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Friday, January 16, 2009

Paper - Treasures

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I plan to take some time this year to highlight some other quillers, some of whom I have met and some of whom I have “met” through the wonder of the internet. That’s how I found Kathie and Gregg who live in Topeka, Kansas. I stumbled across their web site on one of my infrequent “surfing expeditions”. On her web site, Kathie says that Paper Treasures is a business my husband and I started to share my love of quilling. I began quilling many years ago as a hobby and a way to create unusual Christmas and Easter decorations. I taught a few classes to Girl Scouts and elementary school classes, but did not have much time for this intricate art. Now that I have retired from a full time job as an accountant, I am able to pursue what has become a passion”. Their on line business is called Paper - Treasures and they also do shows together. Kathie sells a neat line of quilled jewelry, pins and earrings, along with quilled Christmas ornaments and quilled eggs. Gregg makes all of her display stands for the shows they do, and a really great slotted quilling tool. He makes his tool from music wire and hones it to such a fine point that it leaves virtually no hole in the center of a tight roll. The tool is about 5 ½” long and comes in a clever “no-roll” box. For those quillers who want the look of finger rolling (no hook in the center of the coil), but need to work with a slotted tool; this may be your answer. I bought two of them (I didn’t realize that the box would help prevent me from losing it). I generally finger roll, but when I am making small tight rolls, I like to use a tool. I feel very clumsy when coiling tiny tight rolls with my fingers; this tool solves the problem. I have also built up the handle a little with tape on my tool so my tired old thumbs don’t have to work so hard holding the tool for extended periods. (I’ve done that with almost all of my tools . . . isn’t old age grand?) I’ve included some pictures of some of my favorite things from their site, but be sure and stop over for a full tour.

FYI: The point of this tool is pretty sharp, so I wouldn’t recommend it for children; but Kathie did tell me that Gregg also makes the tool with a “not so pointed end” so kids can use it too.

I couldn't resist adding one more pcture to this post. This is by far the prettiest Star of David I have come across.


Brenda said...

Thank you for spotlighting them. The slotted tool with a point is a great idea - it would be perfect for some of my quilling students who have a hard time with both finger rolling and using the needle tool. I'm going to have to get some for my classes.

Quilling with Whimsiquills said...

I especially like it for small tight rolls!