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Friday, May 1, 2009

Sentiments with Stickers

I’ve written about the fact that I am making all of my own cards before, but I just wanted to share with you something else I’ve found that makes the whole process a little easier and quicker. As I’ve said, I like to make the cards so the “sentiment” or written part inside the card can easily be removed and the card “recycled” or sent on to someone else. I’ve been using the corner/border punches to give the insert (the part where the sentiment goes) a pretty decorative edge. Here was the hard part. I would have to print out the sentiment (“thinking of you” or whatever) on a sheet of paper and then trim around it to add the decorative edge. The reason I would print them in the computer is simply because I have really lousy handwriting, and if I am going to all of the trouble of making a card, adding quilling and decorative trim, I don’t want to spoil the look by hand writing “Happy Birthday”. So . . . I went on a search to find stickers that would say what I wanted. Not an easy task! Since scrapbooking has become so incredibly popular, there are more stickers available than ever before. I know this because I have been a sticker fan for years. I use one of those great big wall calendars to write down all of our appointments etc. Since I have never found a “pretty” big wall calendar, I decorate them with seasonal stickers. As each day passes, I cover the day with one of the stickers. It looks kind of nice and since we are both senior citizens in this house, it helps us keep track of the date. (I wish I could say that we never miss an appointment or show up on the wrong day because of this calendar, but at least I am trying!) But to get back to the subject at hand; I went through countless catalogues and even got into my little PINK Tracker and drove over to Michaels and went up and down all of the sticker isles. I wanted something very simple and rather plain since I am doing the fancy punch work etc., but everything I found was either too big, fancy colors or only one or two sentiments on a whole page of other “stuff”. I did find some rubber stamp sets that would have been perfect, but I really didn’t want to get into the whole stamping thing. Then I started making phone calls and guess what?? I found them! I had to open another account with yet another vendor, but I have them and have decided to add them to my inventory. They are clear epoxy stickers so they have a little dimension to them but they work out perfectly. There are six sets: Thank You, Congratulations, Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Friendly Greetings, & A Year of Greetings.

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