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Friday, August 21, 2009

Quilling with Allen Girvin

One of the things that make my business so interesting is the contact I have with so many different quillers all over the world. Quillers are generous people who are always willing to share their ideas. Experienced quillers all know that when it comes to glue in quilling “less is best” and each of us has our own way of limiting the amount of glue we use on our work so we don’t get that pesky glue shine showing behind our quills. I recently spoke with a gentleman in his 90’s who told me he had developed a glue well which kept his glue moist and allowed him to use just the tiniest bit at a time. The sample he sent me was a square piece of Corian (you know the stuff that they make countertops from) He has drilled a hole in it and inserted a plastic cap. The glue gets squirted into the plastic cap and is then covered with a piece of masking or painter’s tape, (the tape is what keeps the glue from drying up)


Charlotte said...

How clever! Thank you for sharing such a good tip.

Molly Smith said...

Very interesting! What a great idea, thanks for sharing Pat!

Glue is so inexpensive and I am still stingy with it. LOL I hate wasting it and use so many kinds for different projects!

Speaking of glue application, you know the big punches Sherry sells? I now use the bottom of one of the plastic cases they come in, to put my wet paper towel in and my glue bottles (with different thicknesses of glue) upside down. Three bottles will fit inside, no tipping over and I've used this container the longest of any.

You cannot beat those glue bottles you sell!


amy said...

I like to use an old contact case. Squirt in the glue, work, then close it up to keep it from drying out.

Beautiful work!