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Monday, October 5, 2009

Meet Alise!

Today I would like to write about a new quilling friend. As you all know the tea cup has kind of become my personal “logo” if you will. I can’t tell you how many people have written to me about getting directions for the tea cup. I don’t work with patterns, but was able to provide general instructions as to how I created the tea cup. It is always fun for me to see the results. I’d like you to meet Alise:

“My name is Alise and I am 15 years old. I’ve been quilling for 5 years. I contacted you about how you quilled the teacup on your website and you gave me wonderful instructions. I added some sugar cubes and candy. I entered in our local fair and won a blue ribbon. I made a Christmas Faberge Egg for this year’s fair. I enclosed a picture of these projects and a framed picture that I also made.”

Of course I was delighted to see her work as you will be. I wrote back and asked permission to show her work on my blog and to get a little more information from her.

“I am fifteen years old, in the tenth grade and from Lynn, MA. I began quilling in the fifth grade after taking a class that was being offered at a local Michael’s store. I only know basic quilling but with that I found you can do so much. I’ve given many quilled gifts at Christmas and to my teachers. For the past four summers, during vacation, I’ve challenged myself to do bigger quilled pieces for our local agricultural fair – the Topsfield Fair and I have happily won four blue ribbons. I like to embellish my pieces with pearls, beads and especially Australian crystal rhinestones. The tea cup and saucer that was displayed on your website was my first attempt at a three dimensional piece. Although it was very challenging, I really loved the finished product. Besides quilling, I like to knit, play tennis and play my violin.”

In this age of “instant gratification” it is truly refreshing to see a young person willing to take the time to create. Thank goodness we have Alise to carry on our beautiful art.


Jill said...

Wow Alise's pieces are awesome. How neat someone so young is so creative. Thanks for sharing Pat. Jill

Anonymous said...

Wow she is great and does beaytuiful work She is an asset
to the Quilling world Hope she continues

Anonymous said...

Thanks for introducing Alise, she is very talented and creative, so it's no wonder she's won so many ribbons. Maybe she can attend the next NAQG conference and we can see her lovely work in person.

Anonymous said...

Alise is so talented and has luck to know quilling at her young days. Quilling actually suitable for all age - all age but keep us young at heart. Thanks t Pat for sharing Alise's work and story.

Nati said...

Alise's, So young and so talented! beautiful artworks!
Nati (Brasil)

Molly Smith said...

Alise, your quilling is AWESOME!

Pat ~ thank you for sharing this information about Alise, what a talented young lady! Wow!

Julia said...

Alise, glad to see I am not alone in being a new age quiller. I am 15 as well, and I have been quilling for 2 years... (I'm nowhere near as good as you are though...:P)
Great job! You inspire me! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you everyone for your kind comments.

greycellsinxs said...

very beautiful work. love it

Karthika Sen said...

You are a great quiller..... you are my inspiration...


Cheri said...

Awesome work! They are beautiful!!