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Monday, January 11, 2010

Quilling Serendipity in 2010

I guess you could call it serendipity. When I submitted a couple of pictures of my work to the local newspaper, I had no idea if they would publish them. They only use “art” on the cover of the “itown” section and, as quilling artists, we all know about that art vs. craft thingie. I was pleasantly surprised when I came home from the hospital on January 3rd to see my quilled teacup and saucer on the cover page. I received several nice phone calls and emails from people who had seen it. It was a really nice “pick-me-up” after a crummy start to the New Year.

On Monday, Debbie took a call from someone named Linda, who wanted to talk to me about doing an interview. I was still not feeling well on Monday so I didn’t get to talk to Linda until Tuesday. She told me about her blog and said she was fascinated by the quilling she saw in the paper and could she come and visit. We set a date for Friday. When she came over, we chatted a little bit about my work. She liked the fact that I have this huge window in the studio where I can watch the birds while I work, and the way the property backs up to the woods. It is very peaceful. Then she asked me if I meditate. I laughed and said “I’m working on it” and told her about the previous weekend when I had lost vision in one eye and was rushed to the hospital. (Fortunately, I did not actually have a stroke and my vision returned, although for a while I saw two of everything, I told the nurses that I wouldn’t go home with TWO husbands, one was quite enough!) So we talked about meditation and Yoga and how they would make me feel so much better etc. Eventually we got around to the interview. I hadn’t realized she was going to do a video, but that’s what she did. She had it up on YouTube in no time at all. Then she wrote about the interview and put it up on her blog. The best part about the whole thing was that I got to meet a really neat person, who took the time to pick up the phone so she could share with others something that had moved her. The front page of her blog says that it is “A place to be reminded that there is always something to be grateful for and that beauty and goodness can be found wherever we look.” How true that is; and yet many times we let the days go by without reflecting on that beauty and goodness; I know I do. I am very grateful to Linda for reminding me of that “beauty and goodness”. Later that day she stopped by to drop off a guided meditation CD for me . . . maybe 2010 is going to be better than I thought.

PS For those of you who might not recognize them, the teacup critters and the quilled clown at the beginning of the video are not my work. My very talented quilling friends Sherry Rodehaver (the tea cup critters) and Jinny Alexander (the quilled clown) made those.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pat
Saw your interview on Youtube and Wow - Love your quill work! I have seen some pieces of your work in books I have and to see you and your work room was sooooo good - I really enjoyed it. I have been a quiller now for over 13 years - totally addicted, like you gave up other crafts to concentrate on my quilling - have entered a few shows and won awards including the Masters at The Royal Sydney Show - Love the challenge of show pieces but the time they take is immense. I mainly make cards now but this too is so enjoyable to design something as you go is so rewarding. My first quill tool was made from cedar arrow (courtesy of my hubbys archery equiptment! Shhh he still isn't aware of that fact! LOL ) But as I use to be a hairdresser discovered that perm rods make an ideal quilling tool! Would rather wind paper than hair any day now! :-)
Well I have prattled on but just had to follow from Youtube to your site - am so glad I did - I think your work is awesome!
Take Care and Happy Quilling
Cheers - Donna Sparkes
DownUnder! Australia.......
Happy New Year too!

Cathy said...

Congrats on the great interview... was really nice to see quilling being recognised by others.

Glad that your trip to the hospital wasn't too series... take it easier this year... enjoy the view out of that window... sounds awesome.

Heather said...

Thank you and Linda for the video. I am 36 and just started quilling. I can't remember where I was on the internet when I saw my first few pieces that inspired me to look further. However, it is websites and work like yours and many others that even let me know such an art existed in the first place. I am Boston born and bred but I didn't even find out about quilling until I started living overseas last year. Thanks to you and other suppliers, I can actually participate! All hail the internet!

Here's to your good health!

Inna (Crafts, Kids, Quilling) said...

Hi Pat,
Thank you and Linda for the great interview! You're such a nice person! I so much enjoyed seeing you and your quilling, there are some pieces I haven't seen before. And the whole story is just fascinating!
Wishing you a fantastic new year and hoping your eye will be 100% OK very soon,

Linda said...

I believe finding out about Pat and meeting her was serendipitous for me as well. I'm always inspired by people who don't let obstacles stand in the way of their passions and whose drive and love of their work naturally leads to great outcomes for everyone. And I'm so excited to be reading so many wonderful comments. Many thanks and blessings to so many enthusiastic quillers!