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Friday, July 9, 2010

Quilling Journal vs. Quilling Blog

Journal vs. Blog

Writing a blog is a strange kind of pastime. For years, I kept a journal, which I filled with my innermost thoughts, fears, and hopes. It was, for me, a way of letting go of things that bothered me, and it was very private. I have read some blogs that are much like my journal and often wonder how people are able to open themselves up to strangers so easily. When I learned about blogs, I thought a blog might be a way for me to reach out to other quillers and share some of my thoughts and quilling experiences, in this case, I wanted others to read these thoughts and learn from them and perhaps get to know me a little better. I find that I am putting a little more of “me” out there than I originally thought I would, but that’s okay. In return, I have met some wonderful readers who are willing to share their stories with me. Here is one I recently received.

<em>I just want to say Thank You so very much for the free patterns you have posted on your site. I have many health issues and I don't leave the house very much any more. Two years ago I was looking thru some craft sites and I kept seeing the word "quilling". I had no idea what that meant! So, I did some research! I found every single website that gave any free info about quilling...and I learned. :o) I spent an entire winter teaching myself, buying some paper, kits, and supplies. I liked the fact that it's not an expensive craft. I actually did the exact same thing w tea bag folding...I really enjoy that too! :o) In the past 2 years I have also taught myself how to make and sell beautiful stretchy glass and gem bracelets, and I have enjoyed rubber stamping and card making for years, and this year my hubby bought me a Cricut! :o) So, I have gotten sidetracked from quilling. I've actually had some requests from friends and my mom to start quilling again because it is so unique and "special". In this heat I'm not feeling energetic enough to get out of bed, so I thought I should start quilling again. That is an activity that I can do in bed, which is 1 thing that attracted me to it in the 1st place! I have purchased some books over the past couple of years that have been very helpful, but I must say...I am in love w your website! I've been looking at Patricia's wedding announcements, etc. They were so beautiful and personal and special, I cried! For the past couple of years I've wanted to make something very special for my mom, something that I could frame...but I just wasn't able to figure out what to do or how to go about doing it. This past Jan 21st my parents’ house burned to the ground. Praise God they were tucked safely away in FL at the time! This has been such a terrible crisis for them, so heartbreaking to lose so many special things that can never be replaced. Just this past weekend as I was showing her some of my new card creations, she said.."I kept every single card you ever made me, and they're gone." she was so sad. I told her it was no biggie, there will be other cards!! Plus the ones that burned were just my "beginners"... :o) I'm much better now! My parents are in the midst of building a new house and mom wants to have all of us kids come home for Thanksgiving, but celebrate Christmas at that time so that they can go back to FL when they feel ready to leave. So... I've decided it's time! For their 1st holiday in their new home, I want to make them something very special. I'm thinking maybe something w all the seasons... I have a frame w 3 windows, so I could do Spring/Summer, Fall, Winter. I absolutely LOVE your new free fall patterns!! I had been looking for a tree either last year or the year before, I love this one, and it’s the perfect size!! Maybe I will use some type of poem, or maybe some Bible verses the way you used the wedding invitations... Hmmm...

Thanks again for being so generous! :o)


Bronwyn said...

Thanks to Mindy for sharing her story- it is good she gains so much from quilling, as do we all in many ways.

Fairy Cardmaker said...

There are blogs of all flavours out there - very private, very corporate, very educational, very opinionated. All kinds!

I love to read other's insights into crafts and techniques that help me think in a different way and I love to learn.

Crafting gives me release - an escape from everyday reality to flex my imagination. So, thank-you for sharing your art with the readers! We all need a little respite now and then!