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Friday, January 28, 2011

Valentine Pattern

Since Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, I thought I would share another Valentine’s pattern with you. This one is a white filigree heart with a bouquet of roses in the center. I started out by drawing (or tracing) a heart shape. I covered the outline with 6” marquises. The number you need will be determined by the size of the heart you draw. I used 34 including the extra six I placed at the bottom and top of the heart. When gluing the marquises down I start at both the center top and center bottom and then work my way up/down the sides of the heart. (The last inch or so before the sides meet I lay them in dry so I can make whatever spacing adjustments are necessary.) Next, I made enough 3” tight rolls to place on both sides of the heart everywhere the marquises meet; a very simple, but pretty filigree border.

For the bouquet of roses in the center I made tiny folded roses using 1/8’ paper. I used floral wire for stems. I dipped the end of the wire in glue and put in into the bottom of the roses and let them dry before I assembled them. Add a simple bow and you have a pretty card you could use for other occasions a well; anniversary, engagement etc.

I have also used a very similar border on a piece I did for a 40th wedding anniversary. Since the color for the 40th is a garnet/red, I made the roses using a deep red 3/8th” paper. I also placed pale pink buds in between the red roses and a pale pink rose in the center. The piece I sold also had a tiny paper ribbon with the couple's name and "Happy 40th Anniversary on it. These are my “trademark” roses; each petal is a separate piece of paper. Here is a link to instructions for the roses in case you are interested. Enjoy!

FYI My next post will be about a very different kind of heart.


paula said...

both are beautiful, love the roses!

Mona Jain said...

really beautiful!!
Thanks alot for sharing the instructions for the roses. I am trying them right now..:)

Antonella said...

Pat they are beautiful designs. Your roses are perfect. Hugs, antonella :-)

Ann said...

Very pretty, Pat! I love the marquise/tight coil combination for the borders.

sheetal said...

Uff. I have just now stopped trying to make the rose. Your instructions are so simple, yet I am having a hard time putting the petals together! I am using 7mm strips. I would try again with wider paper. Won't give up until I get somewhere near to your beautiful shapes.

Quilling with Whimsiquills said...

The place where most people get "stuck" making the roses is when they clue one tab over the other. They have to be glued to make an "X" to make the petal stand up. If you glue the tabs so they form a "V" the petal doesn't stand up and the finished rose doesn't look very "real". If the petals lean back you will need more petals to make it look right. Hope this helps.

Quilling with Whimsiquills said...

Oops! Didn't check for typos, I meant "glue" not clue.

Regina said...

Pat!!! I love your care on each work you do!!! This one isn´t different. It´s amazing!!
Have a marvellous weekend.

Molly Smith said...

Oh my goodness these are gorgeous, Pat! Your roses are awesome as always. Just breathtaking how perfect they are. I linked this to my blog post. Thanks for sharing!!!
hugs, xo

Yasmin said...

Lovely pattern. Reminds me of the tatting motifs I make. thanks for sharing.

Katrin said...

Валентинки очень красивые получились! Нежные, романтичные, душевные!!!

Katrin said...

очень красивые валентинки получились! Романтичные! Розы такие нежные!