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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Domed cards for Quilling

These domed cards are my new favorites. They are actually a tri-fold card so all of the mechanics of placing a back ground, quilling, and the dome are well concealed. They also travel through the mail really well with no extra packaging at the first class rate of US $.46. I decided to use a two inch border punch on the top and bottom of the face of the card to dress it up a little. I backed the punched area with a ½” wide strip of quilling paper. I cut a colored piece of accessory paper slightly larger than the outside dimensions of the dome and marked the center of the paper to center my design. I didn’t fasten the dome to the card right away so I could occasionally lay it over the design as I worked. (I wasn’t sure how close to the edge of the dome I could get or how “deep” the quilling could be.) I was pleasantly surprised that my roses, which I make using 3/8” strips fit under the dome beautifully. Once I worked out my design, I taped the dome inside the opening and then centered my design inside the dome and taped it in place. Then I used a double-sided tape to close the third panel over my efforts. I did find it a little tricky figuring out where the design should be placed so it was right side up when the card opened. I also noticed that the two end panels are very slightly different in size as one is meant to cover your work and the other is meant for the greeting. These come three to a package (with envelopes) for $5.50; the item number is ECSK417021 if you would like to try them. I would love to hear what you think of them.


Baukje said...

what a beautiful creation I love your work!
Greetings Baukje

Nupur said...

Dear Pat,

I have been following your blog since long and it has helped me immensely in my journey of self learning the beautiful craft of quilling. Loved watching your video and have fallen in love with your tea set! Do visit my blog at Thrilling Quilling.

Chaitrali said...

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