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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter Quilling

It has been a long time since I did any “Easter” quilling. I have some eggs I put out at Easter time that I decorated with quilling some twenty years ago. Thses were real eggs that I cut and dyed and then put some Easter/spring quilling inside. Back in 2003, I did some cards and decorated some wooden eggs for Family Circle Magazine, but I don’t think I’ve done any real Easter quilling since then.

While standing on line at the grocery store, I noticed some Easter eggs decorated with what looked like punch flowers and thought maybe it was time to decorate some new eggs. I stopped over at Michaels and found some wooden eggs for $.50 each and brought them home. Here are a couple of designs I came up with . . . pretty basic. These would make cute place setting favors for Easter Dinner.

I first applied the strips to the blue egg. I used my fine tip glue bottle to put a tiny line of glue on 1/8’ white pearl paper, after I finished the vertical strips I glued a horizontal strip around the egg starting and finishing at a vertical strip so the ends would be covered by a flower. I used 1/16” strips to make the flowers since I wanted them to look dainty. For the pink and blue flower on the top of the eggs, I used a 2” tight circle for the center and then glued six teardrops around the centers points facing out. For the blue flowers, I used four closed hearts pointing inward and then glued a 1” tight roll in the center.

For the lavender egg, I glued a ¼” strip around the egg. I think I should probably add something to that strip, but I haven’t decided what yet (and Easter is almost here!) For the center of the design, I rolled a 12” graduated lavender strip and then glued eleven 6” marquises around the center. Next I made eleven raspberry teardrops which I glued (point in) between the marquises. I then added 4” tight rolls which I placed between the teardrops. I used 1/8” strips on this one. I think this one is still a work in progress. I have one more that is almost done but I am taking a time out to have my entire family come and celebrate my husband’s 75th birthday. If I get the third one done, I will post it.