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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Border Buddies

Quilled Creations has come out with a new set of tools called Border Buddies. There are three different shapes: a circle, a square, and a triangle. When I learned to quill back in the 70's my "teachers" were Betty Christy and Doris Tracey. Their book Quilling Paper Art for Everyone is still one of my favorites. They called these empty shapes “collars” or “frames”. Jane Jenkins in England refers to them as “ring coils”. Whatever you call them, it is  fairly simple concept; wrap your strip around whatever you are using for a template several times. Glue the end down and pinch it into whatever shape you want. If you want a heavier look, wrap the strip multiple times and of course less for a lighter look.  You can then quill inside the shapes or around the outside of the shape or both! The border buddies already have three shapes and a whole range of sizes for each shape so you don't have to go looking for pens, bottles etc. to wrap your strips around.  Below is a picture of the smallest and largest shape mad with the Border Buddies. I don't use ring coils too often, mostly for leaves and flower petals, but these tools can be used to make geometric shapes as well. Ring coils are well suited to two tone papers because they are so open that both colors can be seen.
Since the strip is wrapped around the shape multiple times edged papers show up really well. Of course the round ring coils/collars/frames can be shaped into teardrops or marquise shapes and the square makes a great diamond shape. Have fun with them quill inside them or around the outside of them or both!

Here is a link to a Youtube video