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Thursday, January 31, 2013


At the beginning of the New Year I usually spend some time trying to reorganize my quilling studio. Sometimes I am surprised by some of the things I find. Since I haven’t been able to do much quilling, I’ve spent a little more time straightening up. I found this sampler I used to bring to my advanced quilling classes back when I was teaching. It shows bandaging, wheatears, alternate side looping, and braiding. Sometimes I think that because I’ve been quilling for so many years I kind of get in a rut using the same techniques over and over.

I am very slowly getting back to quilling, the acupuncture seems to be helping. So I decided to play a little and made this little Valentine card. I cut out a heart shape of light pink paper and then used the bandaging technique to outline the heart. (For those of you who may not be familiar with that technique, I stacked six strips of pale pink and then “wrapped” a darker pink strip around the stack) and outlined the heart.(it is easier to see on the sample since I used a contrasting color for the wrap.) I used 6” strips and made 11 tight rolls and 10 uneven S scrolls. I started at the bottom of the heart placing a tight roll at the outside point off the heart and then started alternating the S scrolls with the tight rolls adjusting as I went. (When I make this kind of border, I don’t start gluing until I get the spacing worked out) I put an open V scroll at the top of the heart and added a 12” tight roll in the center of the V.

The design in the center of the heart started with a 12”sculptured roll in the center; then I added a 6”open heart scroll inside of a 6” open V scroll at the top and bottom of the sculptured roll. I then added the four 6” teardrops.