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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Father's Day

Here are a couple of really easy “guy”cards for Father’s Day (or change the stickers and make them birthday cards for the men in your life). For the first one, I made the “borders” by gluing two strips of the 1/8” brown and one 1/8” strip of the dark green I used in the duck. I use a Dotto removable adhesive for the back of the strips so I can reposition them if I don’t get them straight on the first try. For the Mallard’s body, I use a 18” brown shaped teardrop, and a 6’ shaped teardrop for his wing. For his head, I used a tight roll made with ½”black glued to .3/4” white, glued to12” dark green. Then I added a small piece of yellow for his beak.

The cattails are simply brown 1 ½” tight rolls (I used 4 for each cattail). The leaves are 6” strips made into wheat ears which I pinched at the ends. Add three 1 ½” loose scrolls and the Happy Father’s Day sticker and you are done!
The second card has a fern design. I start out by putting a 24” strip of 1/8” paper through my crimper. Then I cut small pieces ½”-3/4”and glue the cut ends together. Then glue them on both sides of a slightly curved 1 ¼” strip to create the fern. I did add a couple of loose scrolls as well. Again the “border” is just 1/8” strips glued to the card.


Here is the fern design in a coaster/paperweight. Hug somebody's father for Father's Day!