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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Valentine Card

I apologize for my absence the last couple of months. The business and family obligations have taken up much of my time; hopefully we will be able to spend more time together now.

Hearts seem to be very popular, the K364 Nothing but Hearts kit I designed for Paplin is one of their best selling kits. Since we are already half way through January, I thought a Valentine card would be timely. Because I planned to use a corner border punch, I trimmed the white base greeting card down to 4”x 5”. (The corner/border combo punches are designed to line up with whole inches rather than fractions.) I cut a 4” x 5”pink rectangle and used the  Framed in Love corner border combo punch to create the border and attached it to the card. I use the Dotto removable adhesive because it is dry as well as repositional and doesn’t leave any “wet” glue marks on the paper. I then cut 3 full strips in half, creating six 12” strips/. I folded all six strips in half using the fold as the point of my heart. I then shaped the six strips into a heart shape (I held the heart with a tweezer while I put a tiny bead of glue on the back and then placed it on the card.)

I made the basic flowers on a work board first so I would be able to place them where I wanted them in the heart. I made two red 1” tight rolls for the centers and then made 12 white 6” marquises for petals. I then wrapped each white petal in red paper and glued them around the center. Once the flowers were dry I lifted them off the work board and glued them onto the card. I made 12 white 6” open hearts which I glued between the flower petals.

I cut two green short lengths (about ¾”) which I shaped into the stems. I made four green 6” marquises for leaves, two 3” open coils and two 1 ½” open coils which I glued to the stems.