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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Make Your Own Quilling Supplies Color Chart

Make your own color chart!

We get calls all the time from people who are trying to describe the color they are looking for. Sometimes they are current colors, sometimes they are colors that have been discontinued. We carry more than 200 colors here at Whimsiquills; we have at least 25 greens . . . so . . .it can be a little tough trying to figure out just which green our customer is looking for. To add to the confusion, some companies will call the colors by the names the paper mills give them, some rename them. Here is an example: some of Lake City’s Glistening papers are exactly the same colors as Paplin’s pearl colors. (P2164 Paplin Coral Pearl is the same as 426 Sunset glistening.) Let’s throw something else into the mix. We also sell papers from England; some of their names like Opal green, Oxford blue leave us clueless as to what the real color will be.

There are several solutions to this problem. We do offer our customers a color chart. This is a photo copy of actual strips, but is definitely not 100 percent accurate. But at least it will give you a pretty good idea of colors. Another possibility is sending a little snippet of the color you are trying to match; or the reverse, we can send you some samples. A great way to make your own color chart is to take a blank set of our order forms (or any one else’s) and start gluing small strips next to the color number, you will build your own very accurate color chart for future reference.

You do need to be aware that sometimes colors are changed because of manufacturer dye lots, and new colors are added and other colors discontinued. In some cases a color may be discontinued by one manufacturer but not by another. We have put together a chart which will tell you which colors can be substituted for different manufacturers. We are posting that list for your convenience.

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