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Saturday, October 8, 2016

A New Chapter

Well, I'm getting ready to start a new chapter in my life . . . my husband I are planning to move into a senior independent living facility in the spring. Both my husband and I have reached the point in our lives where yard work and snow shoveling are beyond our physical capability. I'm looking forward to not cooking, and not working on my hands and knees in the many gardens on our property. (I don't have any trouble getting down but getting up is a whole different story.)  I have been choosing things I want to bring with me and selling, passing on, or giving away those things that won't make the move. I've sold off my private stash of quilling paper but have a box of essentials to bring with me. (I'm willing to bet they have no quilling classes in their current craft programs! I'm hoping to introduce quilling to my future neighbors.) My son, Stephen, is doing most of the work (fulfilling and shipping all Whimsiquills' orders) so I will be able to focus more on the web site, the blog, customer service, and hopefully stay in touch with my quilling friends.

On a totally different note, I finally got a look at Alli Bartkowsky's newest book Quilled Mandalas. All of our inventory now goes to Massachusetts so Stephen got to see it before I did. What an awesome book ! It's fun just looking through it. I tried the current so called "stress relieving coloring" mandalas. NOT for me. But the quilled mandalas are gorgeous; these shaky old hands may have to give it a go.


Bronwyn said...

Best wishes on your new journey in life

Unknown said...

Thanks Bronwyn