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Monday, January 16, 2017

Make your own color chart

As I continue to pack up my studio, I have come across hard copies of some of my early blog posts (2007) and realized that some information needs to be updated.

We carry papers from four manufacturers to give you the most comprehensive selection possible. We have all of Paplin and Lake City colors in four widths, with the exception of some Lake City papers that are not available in 1/16”. These include standard strips, mirror foils, vellum, graduated, pearls,  metallics, and two tones. We have all of Quilled Creation’s specialty papers including graduated, dark center, vellum, and two-toned. We don’t have their standard colors because they are duplicate colors and they are shorter than Paplin and Lake City. We stock J&J’s (from England) edged papers and their graduated, dark center, two tones, and holofoils. We have such a big selection of standard colors we don’t bring many in from England since they are a shorter length and are expensive to import.

Colors are always an issue and depending on your computer monitor you may or may not see the true color. Since no manufacturer offers a color chart, here is a suggestion. Print out a set of our product listing/order forms and as you acquire new colors (or if you know the numbers of colors you already have) just glue a snippet right next to the color on the forms, instant color chart! Well, maybe not instant but you get the idea. You might even want to pencil in the date you put the snippet on the form.  On occasion one manufacturer will discontinue or change a color that is available from another manufacturer. Dye lots do change and while we try to make a note of that in our product description, sometimes we don’t know in advance so we are as surprised as you are

Of course you always have the option of sending us a snippet of a color you can’t identify and we will email you and let you know what it is or what the closest match is. Send them to 25 Indian Run, Enfield, CT 06082.

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